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Do all escorts in London get tips?

I work in a just ordinary job, but my friend works for She is one of the nicest girls that you can hope to be and we have been the best of friends since we were children. Ever since she joined Luton escorts, she has been doing really well, and on top of making a lot of money, she has been getting some great tips. I wonder if all of the girls who work for escorts agencies in Luton or London get such great tips. Am I jealous? In fact, I will commit to be a bit jealous of my friend.

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When I was last around her place, she showed me her wardrobe and what she keeps on her top shelf. Inside her wardrobe, she had about ten designer handbags that she had got when working at Luton escorts. Most of her dates are gentlemen from out of town, and when the fly into Luton for stopovers, she meets up with them. When they really like her, they often buy her a gift next time they hook up.

Not only has she received some amazing handbags. Her dressing table is packed with perfume and body lotions. They are all brand names and when she has too many, she gives me a body lotion or perfume as a gift. It is very nice of her, and to be clear, I could not afford to buy the things that she gets from her dates at all. I love to have all of that, and earn the kind of money she does at Luton escorts.

You are not going to believe this, but she gets given jewelery as well. When she first got a necklace from a guy, she got really excited and phoned me up. It turns out the necklace was rather valuable, and that weekend we spent shopping around for a wall safe for her. A guy came around and installed it, and she was completely over the moon with her safe. I had not realised that many of her dates at Luton escorts give her cash gifts as well. As it is black money she never puts it in the back, it just goes directly into her wall safe.

Since then I have found out that a lot of escorts do receive good tips. It does not seem to matter if you work for an escort agency in central London or for Luton escorts, you get similar types of tips. I would love to have all of the things that my friend has, but I am happy in my apartment my parents bought me. My life may not be as glamorous as my girlfriend’s life working for the escort agency in Luton, but I enjoy it. I am more of a homely girl and I really don’t think that I would handle my girlfriend’s lifestyle that well. All I can say is that I am pleased that she enjoys and that she has been got her own place to call home.


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