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I am the best medicine

I have been dating gentlemen for some time now at London x city escorts, and there are many gentlemen in London who say that I am the best medicine after a long hard week at work. Can I be your medicine tonight? My name is Amanda by the way, and I am one of those girls who like to make life a little bit more exciting for my gentlemen. We can meet up at my London escorts boudoir if you like, or I can come and see you in London wherever you are in London.

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My legs are long, and so is my blond hair. I am a little bit kinky and to be honest, I like nothing better than when you hold on to my hair. Of course, it is not always convenient for you to hold on to my hair and I guess it all depends on what kind of angle we will find us at when we are spending time together. Would you please tell me what kind of angle that you like to take on things? I know which one I like but I am not going to tell you about that here. That would be naughty.

But there is a lot more to me than long legs and blond hair. You say that I can do magic with my hands. Now I know hat I am not the only girl from a London escorts to be able to do that, but I happen to think that I am pretty good at it to be honest. If you would like to find out more about my magic hands, I am more than happy to come around to show you exactly what I can do with my hands.

But my hands are not the only parts of my body I like to put to good use. I have other assets that I like to put to work as well, and when you and I meet for the first time, I am going to be delighted to tell you all about them. As a matter of fact, if you are not sure about what you like, I am more than happy to give you a little bit of demonstration when we get together on our first date. Would you like that? If you do, you really are my sort of a dirty boy.

Yes, I will go ahead and confess that I like dirty and bad boys . If you would like to be my dirty and bad boy tonight, I am sure that I can make room for you in my London escorts dating calender tonight. If you don’t like being a dirty boy and have some adult fun, I am afraid that we are not meant for each other. In that case, you need to find yourself another girlfriend in London. You see, London escorts are very special girls and if you are the kind of gent who don’t like to be naughty and a bad boy, we are not meant for each other. But we may just be meant for each other but I am going to leave it up to you to decide what you would like to do during your stay in London.


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