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She likes to fuck!

I have always been into making love to my girlfriends, and been kind of a romantic guy. When I met Lisa, I did not have a clue that she worked for London escorts, nor did I realise she loved to talk dirty. The first time we went to bed together, I was really taken back, and when she told me she liked to fuck, I could not believe it. I had never in my life met a girl like Lisa before, and I was not sure how I felt about her.

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“Do you like to talk dirty in bed?” Lisa asks me as she was sitting astride me holding my dick in her hands. She had just given me the most fantastic blow job, and I had to fight back really hard to not come in between those red lips of her. I was still panting form exhaustion, and all I was capable of doing was to nod. She slipped my dick into her wet fanny, and gently gripped me. I noticed that she was totally bare apart from the hair on her head. Now her long blonde hair was swinging behind her as she pounded my cock with her fingers squeezing her nipples.

That evening had gone by in a blur, and when she told me that she worked for London escorts, I had been totally shocked. My friends would love to date a sexy girl from London escorts, and I soon realised how lucky I was. The fact that she talked dirty in bed had surprised me at first, but I must admit that I was turned on by it. Most girls are offended by sexy language, but this girl clearly was turned on by it.

As she was fucking me, she carried on talking about my dick telling me how good it felt inside of her, and how big it was, She said that it was one of those cocks that she could fuck a lot without becoming bored. I felt that I was about to come, and put a pillow in front of my face so I was not too noisy. She tore it out of my hands, and told me she wanted to hear me come. I did not have a clue that sex could be that good, but maybe it was Lisa’s time with London escorts which had made her so sexy.

After I had come, Lisa just sat there astride me, and told me that next time, she was going to let me come between her boobs. She had made up names for them, and Lisa told me that I needed to learn how to treat them. I had never dreamed that girls like Lisa existed, and was not surprised when she told me she needed a second orgasm. She got this vibrator out, and I played with that smooth tight fanny until she came for a second. I felt her come, and saw how tightly her fanny hung on to the vibrator. She was moaning, and I could not believe I had just had sex with a babe from of London escorts.


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