Should I leave Twickenham escorts to become an adult model?

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Should I leave Twickenham escorts to become an adult model?

I have been wondering if I should leave Twickenham escorts to become a full time adult model. When I have had the odd off from Twickenham escorts, I have been going on some modelling shoots. Although I have had a good time, I have not made a lot of money. But after speaking to the photographer, I understand that if you dedicate yourself to the job a lot more, you can go along way.

The guy who takes my photos think that I am good looking enough to become a Victoria Secret model. I would love to do that, and living in Los Angeles and travelling the world would be my dream. However, the other girls at Twickenham escorts seem to think that this guy is telling me a load of lies. I am not sure who to believe but I would like to think that he is not lying to me. But I am being careful and not making any promises to him that I would not be able to keep.

One of the girls at Twickenham escorts says that I could take a couple of weeks off from the agency, and go full time during that time. I think that sounds like a rather good idea. So far this year, I have not had a holiday from the escort agency in Twickenham and if I checked things out a little bit, I may just come out with some work during my time off. I would not want to give up my job with Twickenham escorts as it pays rather well. Losing it could mean that I might just lose all of my savings and I am not going to let that happen.

Last month I earned a couple of hundred quid doing my modelling on my days off from Twickenham escorts. That is really not enough to keep me going, and if I spent as much time I do with escort agency, I would still not make enough money modeling as I do escorting. It easy to fall in love with an idea and think it is the best thing going, but I am being really careful and not letting my heart run away with me.

I also have this Sugar Daddy who I like to spend time with when I am not at Twickenham escorts. He is a really nice guy and helps me out a lot. I trust him a lot and he always seems to be able to give me really good advice. He thinks that I should be careful of the modelling industry and says that I have many other talents that I could make use of if I really sat down and thought about it. He is right. I do have a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head, but I am not sure which one I should go for when it comes down to it. Maybe I should sit down and have a chat to him about it. I am sure that he has some sensible solution.


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